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The Nordmann Fir tree Abies nordmanniana is a large, vigorous, evergreen conifer. It is an exceptionally good tall screening tree, suitable for most sites except shallow chalk but it will not make a clipped hedge. The tree has a straight central trunk and downward pointing branches. The needles, which are dark green on top and silver-grey underneath, stay on the branches for 14-20 years, longer than any other Fir tree. This helps to create a dense canopy from the tip of the tree down to the ground. It is also what makes this such an outstanding non-drop Christmas Tree.
Norway spruce Picea abies  is one of the most important species on the European Continent. More than 100 forms and varieties have been named. Although not native to the Western hemisphere, the species and a number of its varieties are commonly planted here, particularly in southeastern Canada and northeastern United States. Originally, a number of plants were established as ornamentals, with Christmas tree plantings being established more recently. It has escaped cultivation in several localities and is considered naturalized in some of these areas.

Here at Allington we have a great range of Christmas trees to suit any house.  All our trees are Scottish grown and freshly cut.   On Sale now, we will guide you through our selection and find the perfect tree for you. We also have a selection of stands to keep your star pointing skywards.


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