We  stock a great selection of local, single variety apple juices, fruit cordials, presses and health drinks, hot chocolate, Fine Teas and freshly ground coffee.

We also have a wide selection of award winning, locally brewed beers &craft ales, ciders pressed on local farms and locally distilled gins & fruit liqueurs. We are often tasting and adding to our selection!!

Fine Wines selected by Carte Blanche Wines. Our beautiful tasting wines have been cherry picked from small producers who work relentlessly & diligently using the best terroir, hands on production and tradition passed on through generations. The majority of the wines in our collection are biodynamic and ecologically produced and will not be found in supermarkets.

Terroir: The characteristic taste and flavour imparted to a wine by the environment in which it is produced.

Biodynamics: A method of organic farming that incorporates certain astrological and spiritual principles and practices.